I always had a knack for creativity, even though I never really imagined I would become a software engineer at the same social app I was using to look for a job.

It seems like just yesterday I was staying up late nights, drinking coffee and banging my head against the wall all night trying to get through problem sets.

But what I was dealing with was the reality of life, the fact that in order to achieve something great in life you must be ready to overcome obstables, battles and rough situations.

I knew programming couldn't be any harder than the struggles I had faced in life or the the training it took to be a soldier in the United States Army. After a couple months of study, I had a grasp of the fundamentals and within two years of learning the JavaScript programming language I landed my first job as a software engineer at Linkedin.

Prior to working at LinkedIn, I had just began teaching youth of color how to code through an organization called Hack the Hood and studied programming with members of the VetsInTech community.

I believe everyone should learn how to code and as a software engineer I hope I can inspire more people to take the step into this career where in most companies black and veterans represent less than 1% of the software engineers.